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New York 2015 (3) Liberty Island, Ellis Island and the Financial District

This is a full day in New York, filled with captivating things to see and significant lessons to be learned. There is no way you can avoid following in our footsteps.   Overall impressions This do-it-yourself...

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New York 2015 (2) A walk from Brooklyn to Manhattan

Join us on a walk from the quiet residential streets on the Brooklyn Heights across the Brooklyn Bridge with the skyscrapers ahead, right into the Civic Center, Chinatown and Little Italy.   Impressions We...

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New York 2015 (1) A walk in Central Park

Thinking of New York, what comes to mind? I would say the Manhattan...

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WHC List #0307 – Statue of Liberty

The colossal statue in New York’s harbour has for 130 years served as a...

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International backpacker routes

You are now going to study a map with all the major backpacking routes around...

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Language Differences in Europe

If you are travelling the Americas you get by with a knowledge of Spanish and...

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Get your favourite news delivered to you

How do you find out if your favourite travel blogs have posted new content? Do...

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Paintings about travelling

Painters have always been fascinated by travels, in all aspects of the word....

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