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Central Asia 2014 (8) Nomadic life on the mountain passes of Kyrgyzstan

Driving over a string of mountain passes from the fertile Fergana valley in the south we emerged on the plains in the north after a couple of days.   Kyrgyzstan is landlocked and almost entirely mountainous....

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International backpacker routes

You are now going to study a map with all the major backpacking routes around the world, all major traveller hubs, and a series of secondary ones. I came across this impressive map a while ago and with the accept...

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Language Differences in Europe

If you are travelling the Americas you get by with a knowledge of Spanish and...

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Get your favourite news delivered to you

How do you find out if your favourite travel blogs have posted new content? Do...

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Paintings about travelling

Painters have always been fascinated by travels, in all aspects of the word....

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How to include maps in your blog posts

This website deals with travels and trips to many places. Most readers would...

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Saltstraumen, the world’s strongest maelstrom

Outside Bodø in Northern Norway we find the strongest maelstrom, or tidal...

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This Week in Nature: Air

This is the last part in my series of photo essays dealing with the classic...

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