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This Week in Nature: 8 Dramatic Cliffs

Steep mountain slopes hitting the waves on a coastline are always dramatic, especially in rough weather.   This post is part of a series portraying the classic Elements of Nature: Earth, Fire, Water, Air....

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This Week in Nature: 7 Strange Rock Formations

The Earth’s surface is full of loose stones and boulders and solid rocks. Some have over the years evolved into very strange formations.   This post is part of a series portraying the classic Elements of...

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23 useful WordPress plugins

Sandalsand is using WordPress as a blogging platform and content management...

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How to technically make your own travel blog?

Sandalsand is celebrating its first anniversary as an independent travel blog...

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This Week in Nature: 10 Great Caves

A cave is a hollow place in the ground, often very deep but also quite small...

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This Week in Nature: Introduction

This is the first article in a series about inspiring natural phenomena. Human...

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The Broken Column sculpture project in Stavanger, Norway

The art project “Broken Column” (popularly known as Rusty Men or...

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Street Art in Stavanger, Norway

Try this unusual city walk in Stavanger. Search for large murals on building...

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Budapest 2014 (4) The Buda side of the Danube

This is the hilly area of Budapest. The views are tremendous and the buildings...

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Budapest 2014 (3) More sights in Pest

There is a lot to be discovered in Budapest. This is the third article from...

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