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The resurrection of the Hafrsfjord Vikings

Hafrsfjord saw in 872 AD one of the most decisive battles in the history of Norway. King Harald Hårfagre defeated a number of petty kings starting a dynasty of kings of a united country.    What we saw Last...

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New York 2015 (6) Harlem

What a pleasant surprise. Once a ghetto, yet with historical monuments, profound religious expressions and a jazzy atmosphere.    Preconceptions Poverty, crime, violence, drug addicts, and a predominantly...

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New York 2015 (5) Midtown

Manhattan’s skyscrapers are essentially concentrated in two areas, the...

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New York 2015 (4) The High Line, Greenwich Village and Flatiron

It was a lovely Saturday morning in late April when we started on a walk...

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New York 2015 (3) Liberty Island, Ellis Island and the Financial District

This is a full day in New York, filled with captivating things to see and...

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New York 2015 (2) A walk from Brooklyn to Manhattan

Join us on a walk from the quiet residential streets on the Brooklyn Heights...

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New York 2015 (1) A walk in Central Park

Thinking of New York, what comes to mind? I would say the Manhattan...

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WHC List #0307 – Statue of Liberty

The colossal statue in New York’s harbour has for 130 years served as a...

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