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This Week in Nature: 7 Active Volcanoes

All through the history of mankind fire has fascinated, terrified and calmed us all, and we have made endeavours to control its force. The most uncontrollable force of all is the kind of fire that is trapped below...

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This Week in Nature: 8 Dry Deserts

The Earth’s surface is predominantly wet, covered by water. Some areas are on the other hand extremely dry.    This post is part of a series portraying the classic Elements of Nature: Earth, Fire,...

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12 more European city breaks

The previous list of 10 city escapes in Europe continues with a selection of...

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This Week in Nature: 6 Great highlands

Some mountain plateaus or plains are more adventurous than the average. My...

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10 European city breaks

City breaks or city escapes have become increasingly popular and there are...

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This Week in Nature: 8 Amazing Mountain Views

If you take nature as the basis and exclude skyscrapers, constructed...

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This Week in Nature: 8 Dramatic Cliffs

Steep mountain slopes hitting the waves on a coastline are always dramatic,...

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This Week in Nature: 7 Strange Rock Formations

The Earth’s surface is full of loose stones and boulders and solid rocks. Some...

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23 useful WordPress plugins

Sandalsand is using WordPress as a blogging platform and content management...

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How to technically make your own travel blog?

Sandalsand is celebrating its first anniversary as an independent travel blog...

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