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Bangkok 2015 (3) Harmonies in the Bang Pa-In Royal Palace

Welcome to an unusually tranquil place not far from Bangkok. This used to be the Royal summer palace and still functions occasionally as a place for banquets and receptions.  The palace dates back to the 17th...

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Bangkok 2015 (2) An excursion to the once glorious capital of Ayutthaya

After its foundation around 1350 Ayutthaya grew into becoming the second capital of Siam after Sukhothai. The capital benefited from a strategic position and attracted traders from near and far. In fact the city...

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Bangkok 2015 (1) Summary of a 24 hour visit

Most visitors to Bangkok will have have a hard time getting around to even the...

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WHC List #0576 – Historic City of Ayutthaya

The Kingdom of Siam had its capital here from 1351 to 1767 and developed a...

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Qatar 2015 – Suggestions for a 24 hour visit

Qatar may not be the most important country in the world, or worth a second...

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Visiting Bhutan and Nepal after the 2015 earthquake

This writer recently returned home after fourteen days in Bhutan and Nepal. It...

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The outline of a visit to the Himalayas

Bhutan and Nepal are two countries in a magnificent mountain range and I have...

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The true size of countries

A map is a lie. It cannot fully represent the real world simply because it is...

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