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How to include maps in your blog posts

This website deals with travels and trips to many places. Most readers would want a map to assist in understanding what a particular article is describing. Here are some ways to display maps in your posts.  ...

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Central Asia 2014 (5) The Emir of Bukhara and the lost camels

The man on the image from 1911 was the last Emir of Bukhara. Join me for a look into days long lost, and read what happened to him and his treasure after he was forced to leave his fortress. The oases on the Silk...

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Central Asia 2014 (4) Shakhrisabz and the birth of a nation

This is rule number 1 in nation building: Go back in history and find an epic...

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Central Asia 2014 (3) The road to Samarkand

Three of history’s greatest warlords found reason to conquer and ravage...

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Saltstraumen, the world’s strongest maelstrom

Outside Bodø in Northern Norway we find the strongest maelstrom, or tidal...

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Almost on the North Pole, a visit to Svalbard

Svalbard is an extreme place on Earth. In the winter snow and darkness falls...

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This Week in Nature: Air

This is the last part in my series of photo essays dealing with the classic...

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Sculptures in the centre of Oslo, Part 2

The second and last part of this walk from Oslo Central Station to the Royal...

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