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I keep track of recently published articles on a number of other travel blogs as well as a handful of magazines.

When I started my own blogging practice in August 2011, I published a list of good travel blogs that very autumn, and developed it a year later. By November 2013 I had set up my new website here at I still subscribe to many of the sites from the previous years, but some of them have disappeared from the face of the internet. I’m also constantly expanding the list with new interesting travel blogs and magazines, as sources of inspiration and learning.

I remove some: Travel blogs come, flourish and die. The “nomads” and “eternal travellers” settle down and their enlightened flames suddenly disappear.


 I never travel without my diary. One should always have something sensational to read in the train. (Oscar Wilde)


All these websites are simply too many to visit one by one. That’s why I’m using Feedly to administer my subscriptions (read why). On Feedly my screen is updated with new articles when they are published.

Here is the list, as of September 2016, in alphabetical order. They all exist, but some may not have had new content published for a while. That is in essence not a problem, because they have written good articles on particular destinations worth reading up on prior to a visit.



I am following more than 3,000 travellers on Twitter, and many among them run a travel blog as well. I have not had a chance to check them all out.

Good luck! Tip me if I have missed a good site. I will evaluate it and possibly include it here!