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World Regions: South America

World Regions: South America

Strolling around the Plaza de Armas in Cuzco, Peru these smiling girls came around with their alpacas and traditional clothing. I couldn’t but stop and take their picture. They did not even ask for propina, they were just nice and laughing when they took up position in front me knowing that I could not resist the temptation to photograph them.


Overall impressions

For a traveller the Inca descendants from the Andes Mountain Range represent the quintessence of what this part of the world is about. A poor people, yet proud. A traditionalist people, yet striving to enhance their material well-being. In most South America countries the military dictatorships have been calling the shots, so to speak, in close cooperation with the Church.

In combination with immense differences between rich and poor, most countries have had profound difficulties in developing an economy able to produce a decent standard of living in all segments of the population. On the other hand, very positive trends have been emerging over the last, say, twenty years.

All this goes for the rest of Latin America as well. (By the way, this website categorises everything north of the South American (sub-)continent as North America, for reasons of geography.)


“In Latin America, even atheists are Catholics.” (Carlos Fuentes)


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Some travellers would assert that I have been to Uruguay as well. That’s not really true. I only touched down for an hour or so, on the airport.

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