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Greece – The island of Schinoussa

Greece – The island of Schinoussa

This is a small island of only 9.5 square km housing around 200 permanent inhabitants. It was a very quiet island when we arrived with few tourists on the beach and in the restaurants.

We were picked up by the owner of the Grispos Villas and offered a room with a fantastic view of the Tsigouri beach and bay.


Greece - Cyclades - Schinoussa

Schinoussa sea view. To the left a Venetian tower dating back to when they ruled these islands.


This island is sometimes spelled “Schoinoussa“, and the main village on the island is on maps often titled Schinoussa. Its real name is Panagia.

We dined in the village a couple of times and enjoyed the fine view, the barking dogs and the laziness of everything. The island is extremely dry; I even read somewhere that there is no water supply on the island.

This is what the owner of our accommodation writes on his website: “Comparatively with its neighbouring islands, Schinoussa maybe does not offer the same plethora of options for wild nightlife, yet entertainment consists an indissoluble part of the locals’ daily life, who seize every opportunity to demonstrate their love towards life and their rich cultural heritage.”

In other words: If you’re seeking party life, don’t come here. We weren’t, and we enjoyed ourselves very much. So did the boys playing on the beach. As a matter of fact we did not even bother to walk around the island, not even to have a look. This was relaxation in its purest form.


Greece - Cyclades - Schinoussa

Schinoussa house


Greece - Cyclades - Schinoussa

Schinoussa church. Can you think of anything more Greek than this postcard view?


We returned to Naxos where we came from and continued on to Santorini for the last couple of days on this Greek island hopping vacation.


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