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InterRail East (6) A short visit to Brussels

InterRail East (6) A short visit to Brussels

Famous squares and statues in Brussels and the return to Norway.


Wednesday 26.9.1990, Brussels

We did not sleep well on the train, and changed in Cologne at daybreak for Brussels. We still had time to see the famous cathedral both inside and outside. From Cologne the train passed through idyllic valleys with red brick houses on the Belgian side of the border before the landscape turned flat and we rolled into the capital of Belgium.

My girlfriend phoned an old friend of hers, who we had agreed to meet. He came after a little while and picked us up. We went to his place, nice.

In the afternoon we went sightseeing in the city and I had the opportunity to see what I knew of Brussels: Grote Markt, Manneken Pis, the Berlaymont building. Nice. But the city was definitely more than this. It is of course large, but they have managed to keep a very nice centre: Narrow streets, pleasant and interesting architecture.


Belgium - Brussels - Grand Place

Grote Markt – Grand Place – Brussels


Belgium - Brussels - Manneken Pis

Manneken Pis


Belgium - Brussels - Janneken Pis

Janneken Pis


We had good Belgian food in a restaurant and went late to bed.


Thursday 27.9.1990 and Friday 28.9, Brussels to Oslo

We had a too late breakfast and had to take a later train to Cologne than planned. But we got off eventually, changed trains in Cologne heading north in the direction of Hamburg. There we had a wish to meet a friend who recently had moved there to work. Unfortunately she was at work that day and we did not have time to call on her at home. Our train was about to leave.

It was a night train going directly to Oslo. We had bought a berth for 100 NOK (17 USD).

Germany is flat like the other countries we had visited on this journey. In Hamburg we had a little walk near the railway station, towards but not into the St. Pauli / Reperbahn district.

The train took the ferry from Puttgarden to Rødby in Denmark. This ferry was almost as bad as the one from Trelleborg.

We woke up in Sweden near the border to Norway and on the Norwegian side we had some lovely weather with autumn colours and life was smiling. It was nice to come home.


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