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Father and son on a football weekend in London

Father and son on a football weekend in London

Father and son on a football weekend in London is fun. We had an introductory sightseeing trip to what London is about for all visitors as well as some particulars for a young boy.

I have not much really to tell from a couple of nights in the British capital and will largely let the pictures speak for themselves. Let me just say that Hamleys Toy Store with seven floors of toys in Regent Street is great for all ages. Madame Thussauds wax celebrities are always worth a visit as well.

Browsing the photo album I realise it was also fun having ones picture taken at places like Big Ben, Piccadilly Circus, Buckingham Palace and by the Thames, as well as inside a classic red telephone box. As this blog has a principle of avoiding photographs of myself, friends or relatives they are not uploaded here.

Instead I offer a picture of The Mall. This red-coloured straight street has continued to fascinate me ever since I first visited London, back in 1976. It runs in a straight line from Buckingham Palace down to Whitehall. There we watched the changing of guards – on horses – a picture included in the photo album at the bottom of this article.



View down the red-coloured Mall from Buckingham Palace, London




On a London hop-on hop-off sightseeing bus


The main purpose of the visit was to watch football. We had secured tickets to the match between Fulham and Chelsea, two neighbouring London clubs. The event took place on Fulham’s home ground, Craven Cottage, but visiting Chelsea was the clear favourite. The home team got a surprising victory, 2-1, and the crowds went wild.




One celebrating Fulham fan ran up to the stand reserved for Chelsea supporters, turned his back on them and pulled his pants down. A stupid provocation naturally, and the Chelsea people responded fast and decisively: They stormed the ground hunting down the Fulham supporter. He was not alone, suddenly the ground was full of people. And police.

Leaving the stadium there were people running everywhere, and mounted police hunted down the most aggressive supporters. We kind of liked the match better.


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The pictures from this London weekend, click to expland:



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