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Towns and places of Norway

Towns and places of Norway

I started out making a mini-series of short videos from the western coast of Norway – the fjord country – on my YouTube channel. I then decided to include the videos and selected photos as entries here on Sandalsand, along with short descriptions.

The videos are a combination of textual narrative, video clips, animated photos and music from Norway. Here is the YouTube playlist. Some of the articles have been developing over time and now include much more.


The main experience, I think, is that we have managed: people moving to Norway has made Norway richer, economically, but also our culture has become more rich in many ways. (Jens Stoltenberg)


Western Norway

The entries below this picture are sorted in a south to north order.


Norway - Vest-Agder - Flekkefjord

Hollenderbyen Flekkefjord


Flekkefjord, the town that was: Flekkefjord is a small town marking the transition between the southern coastline of Norway, Sørlandet, and the western part of Vestlandet.

The Helleren houses in Jøssingfjord: Helleren is a large cliff overhanging two houses at the end of the Jøssingfjord, on the southwestern coast of Norway. (This is not a town, but a place in between the one above and the one below.)

Sogndalstrand, the first Norwegian Cittaslow: Sogndalstrand is a picturesque little town on the southwestern coast of Norway. It became an important trading port from the 1600s onwards but fell into decline from the last part of the 19th century.

Egersund, rich on fish and fear of the almighty: Egersund is a small town on the south-western coast of Norway. It has always been a good landing port for fishing boats coming in with their catch. And it is also home to very orthodox Christian sects.

Stavanger Old Town: Stavanger, the south-western gateway to the Norwegian fjords, boasts a very picturesque Old Town.

Skudeneshavn – the sailing ship town: One of Norway’s best preserved old sailship and fisheries environments.

Haugesund – the herring town: Haugesund has a long history, prosperous in the 19th century, and quite good at showing off on the national stage with a host of late summer festivals.

Sauda – the smelting works town: Sauda played a key part in the Norwegian industrial history: Here the country, the modern Norway was forged – so to speak.

The Heritage Site Bryggen in Bergen: Bryggen in Bergen, Norway is no. 59 on UNESCO’s World Heritage List.


Norway - Hordaland - Bergen - Bryggen

The World Heritage Site Bryggen in Bergen


Lærdalsøyri – almost a world heritage: Erik Pontoppidan, a renowned Danish bishop in Bergen, came to Lærdalsøyri and wrote about the “161 small houses built closely together”. That was in the year 1749. When we arrived 263 years later those houses were still there.

Solvorn – simply a lovely place: Solvorn became quite an important trading town from late medieval times (1300’s) and also grew into becoming an administrative centre for the area. It was never a really large place. In 1865 it is reported to have had three merchants and two bakers. When transportation moved from sea to land in the 19th century, Solvorn’s location became much less attractive. It has been well preserved.

Førde in the crossroads: Førde was previously rated as the ugliest town in Norway. There are unfortunately many contenders for this unfavourable title and I sincerely doubt Førde is heading the list any longer.

The Art Nouveau town of Ålesund: In the night of January 23rd 1904 practically the entire wooden town centre of Ålesund on the Norwegian West Coast was destroyed in a fire. The disaster hit the news headlines all across the world and a major restoration effort took place. During the following three years the centre was rebuilt, this time using stone as building material. The architecture was mainly “Art Nouveau” style with turrets, spires, gables and fantastic ornamentation.


Same same, but different

Here are two entries from locations which are geographically not Western Norway, but still an integral part of the long coast:

Trondheim: Imagine a day walking the streets of Trondheim. Enjoy the picturesque Nidelven river, the transformed old docklands and the well preserved wooden residential houses in Bakklandet. See the famous Nidaros cathedral, the church of Our Lady and finish off with visits to two captivating museum, the Museum of Arts and Crafts (aka Decorative Arts), and the Rockheim Museum of Norwegian pop and rock music.

Bodø & Kjerringøy: As the second largest town in North Norway, Bodø has had its ups and downs in history. On a brutal day in May 1940 it was forced back to square one. This is clearly evident even today. Bodø is close to one of the most fascinating sights of North Norway – the old trading post of Kjerringøy.

Norway - Nordland - Kjerringøy trading post - General store

Kjerringøy trading post – General store


Many more towns and places have been mentioned in the articles describing road trips in Norway.

The same and a lot more articles from towns and places in Norway are found in the Norwegian language part of Sandalsand.

De samme og langt flere artikler fra byer og steder i Norge finner du på den norskspråklige delen av Sandalsand.