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Norway – The Lysefjord (0) – Introduction

The Lysefjord in south-western Norway is a perfect example of a Norwegian fjord: Steep mountains, rough scenery, spectacular views, a lot of weather. It also serves as a superb hiking ground for numerous trips.

(Denne serien foreligger også på norsk)


The Stavanger Trekking Association has marked 140 km of paths and produced a map of 10 day trips “Around the Lysefjord” (“Lysefjorden Rundt” in Norwegian).

I have made blog posts and videos from my hikes. Each of the videos opens with the Association’s map showing the approximate route filmed and photographed. The hikes are however the result of several visits over the years and the numbering differs from that of the official list. At the bottom of this page you will find the blog posts presenting my hikes.

Watch the full sequence in the playlist right now, below or on YouTube. Music is by the Norwegian classical composers Edvard Grieg and Christian Sinding. Sit back and enjoy for 25 minutes!



Making a map of these trips was not easy. Check my map page for details.

Lysefjorden rundt


The mountains are calling and I must go. (John Muir)


Further reading

Browse this list of blog entries in my Lysefjord series:

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(2) Ulvaskog
(3) Preikestolen – The Pulpit Rock
(4) Songedalen
(5) Kjerag
(6) Vinddalen

There are many more relevant articles on this blog. Read my introduction to Western Norway, the fjord country.


Around the Lysefjord - Kjerag

Kjerag hike – Climbing the third hill with spectacular view of Lysebotn


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