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Norway – The Lysefjord (1) – The fjord by boat

Boat trip from Lysebotn with a look up at the Kjerag mountain, stops at Flørli, Kallali, Bakken, Brattali and a look up at Preikestolen (Pulpit Rock).

The Lysefjord in south-western Norway is a perfect example of a Norwegian fjord: Steep mountains, rough scenery, spectacular views, a lot of weather. It also serves as a superb hiking ground for numerous trips. This is one of them.

(Denne turen er også omtalt i den norskspråklige delen av Sandalsand.)


What to discover

The Lysefjord is 42 km long with towering mountains falling nearly vertically over a 1000 metres into the sea. You can hop on and hop off the regular boat and the tourist ferry, which runs in the summer season from Stavanger.

Description in a tourist brochure: “The village (of Lysebotn) is now abandoned and the houses are used as holiday homes. On the site here the base jumpers are discussing their activities and the mountain climbers are preparing themselves for the battle against gravity and their own weaknesses in the steep walls of Kjerag. At the ferry quay tourists from all corners of the world are waiting for transport. All of them looking forward to meet the real, dramatic and magnificent Norwegian nature.”

Lysebotn is presented more in a later article, as is the stop at Flørli. The other stops featured in the video below used to be the landings of homesteads along the fjord, some situated high up on the mountain sides. All farms are now only used for recreational purposes. The ferry makes the only realistic way of getting to these places, unless you want to climb over the mountains as we did.


Around the Lysefjord - Lysebotn and the fjord

A view from the fjord up to Kjerag mountain


Flørli is the first stop after leaving Lysebotn. There is an old power station here, now functioning as a museum. The new power station is set 200 metres inside the mountain. At Flørli one has the option of hiking over the mountain to Vinddalen, or simply taking the world’s longest wooden staircase (4,444 steps) up a mountain. According to CNN the stairs are among The world’s scariest stairs.


Around the Lysefjord - Lysebotn and the fjord

The old power station at Flørli


Kallali, or Kallalid, is our next stop. There used to be permanent residents here, but nowadays only tourists stop here, or more likely weekend or holiday vacationers in one of the cottages or abandonded houses. Coming up next is Brattali (literally “steep hill”) and Bakken. After these stops the boat takes us to the Pulpit Rock, or more precisely 604 metres below it. Actually that visit is kind of disappointing.

The rock is hardly visible even in good weather, and I suppose tourists having seen the pictures of it must feel saddened to come here. This is a fact: The Pulpit Rock is best seen from the top.




Lysefjorden rundt - Lysefjorden by boat


Our ferry took us to Forsand where we got off. It continues longer, and there are speedboats touring the Lysefjord from Stavanger.

For the record: You get to Lysebotn on a ferry, but also by car across the mountain from Sirdal in Vest-Agder county. The round trip Stavanger – Sirdal – Lysebotn by car, and then a ferry back to Stavanger, must be the perfect “Norway in a nutshell tour”. If you are in Sirdal you are also only a short drive from Setesdal.


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