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PICS – Belgium

PICS – Belgium

This collection is mostly from the capital of Brussels and Brugge (Bruges) a result of a couple of trips to the country.

Consult the map page for details. All Belgium entries on this website are found on this link. They are made up of this picture gallery page, several articles from World Heritage Sites and regular travelogues.

Click on one of the galleries and reveal the content. After that hover on an image to show where it was taken. Click to enlarge it and to reveal more information. Move between the enlarged pictures using the arrow keys.

This gallery is one of six with photos from a four week Interrail mostly in Eastern Europe. This picture gallery covers Belgium.

A visit to the cities of Bruges and Brussels. The gallery includes several world heritage sites from two very interesting cities, as well as a couple of other images taken from the train between them.


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