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PICS – China

PICS – China

This is a collection of picture galleries from China, the result of trips to different parts of the country over many years.

Consult the map page for details. I have included images from Hong Kong and Macau which at the time of my visit had not been re-united with the People’s Republic of China, and I have included Tibet too.

All China entries are found here. They are made up of this picture gallery page, several videos, special entries from the country’s World Heritage Sites and regular travelogues.


All galleries

These thumbnails represent the galleries from each visit. You may click each one (or better still, open it in a new tab or window) for a larger view of the individual photos.

Pictures from the last part of the Trans-Siberian railway from Moscow, via Mongolia to Beijing, as well as images from the Great Wall.

China is a vast country and this gallery contains but a few pictures from various places and cities. The pictures and their setting are described in several travel blog entries.

My two weeks in Tibet were only a few months after the country/province was opened for individual travellers. Some locals were used to tourists, others (pilgrims) had clearly never seen a foreigner before


Please note: The technical quality of the oldest photographs is lower than the original. The reason is that I have scanned the paper prints found in my analogue albums. The negative strips are yet to be scanned. Very little post-scanning fixes have been made.

View all photo galleries on this website in one place, here.


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