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PICS – Thailand

PICS – Thailand

The photo galleries are from a journey to Thailand in 1985 and a revisit to Bangkok 30 years later. The first time I spent five weeks on the beaches in the south, in Bangkok and in the north; the second time only 24 hours in and around the capital.

All Thailand entries are found on this link.

They are made up of this picture gallery page, a special entry from the country’s World Heritage Sites and regular travelogues.


All galleries

These thumbnails represent the galleries from each visit. You may click each one (or better still, open it in a new tab or window) for a larger view of the individual photos.


Koh Samui, Bangkok and the Golden Triangle in northern Thailand. The pictures and their settings are described in several travel blog entries.

Images from a short visit to Ayutthaya, Bang Pa-in Palace and Bangkok


Please note: The technical quality of the 1985 photographs is lower than the originals. The reason is that I have scanned the paper prints found in my analogue albums. The negative strips are yet to be scanned. Very little post-scanning fixes have been made.

View all photo galleries on this website in one place, here.


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