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PICS – United Kingdom

PICS – United Kingdom

This is a collection of picture galleries from the United Kingdom, the result of trips to different parts of the country (England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland) over many years.

England was the first country I visited outside my home turf of Scandinavia, and it was my first time abroad without my parents. That was in 1976.  Later I’ve had several visits, short and long. Most of them have been to the big cities, but some have also been to the countryside, giving me a good perspective of what the United Kingdom is about.

Not all visits to the UK have resulted in pictures on this website , or entries at all. Consult the map page for details.

All UK entries on this website are found on this link. They are made up of this picture gallery page, several videos, special entries from the country’s World Heritage Sites and regular travelogues.


All galleries

These thumbnails represent the galleries from each visit. You may click each one (or better still, open it in a new tab or window) for a larger view of the individual photos.

Gibraltar and the Rock.

The gallery has pictures from in and around London on a weekend trip. Key words: Chelsea Flower Show, Hampton Court, Highgate Cemetery, and a few more in central London.

A few pictures from a weekend trip to Liverpool. The gallery contains pictures from the UNESCO World Heritage Site in Liverpool as well as from a transit landing in Amsterdam and a football trip to Manchester's Old Trafford.

A weekend visit to Manchester with sightseeing and football.

Aberdeen and its countryside, Scotland, UK, offers wonderful buildings and lovely scenery.

Football and sightseeing on a London weekend.

Yorkshire, Manchester, Wales, Cotswalds, Bath and Stonehenge are the key place names describing this collection of photos

Pictures from a couple of days in central London. And one from Windsor.

Roundtrip by car in Northern Ireland.

Some old special images to fill in the blanks i.e. illustrating sights visited years ago.


View all photo galleries on this website in one place, here.


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