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Privacy on Sandalsand

Privacy on Sandalsand

You are safe when you click on the pages of Sandalsand. You should also know that the website uses cookies and that all clicks are registered. I will in plain language explain what is going on. 

Sandalsand does not conduct any commercial activity, and the content is offered free of charge regulated by any due copyright legislation. That means you can freely use the pages as much as you want, carefree. You will not be obliged to register your name, home address or credit card information.

You do have the opportunity to register yourself, in three different ways:

  1. By subscribing to the newsletter and be notified when a new article is published
  2. By commenting on articles
  3. By submitting a request using the contact form

In all three cases you register your email address. The subscription is handled by a third-party provider. The other two cases are not shared with others, and is deleted if you ask that your comment is removed from the website.

Your clicks are registered anonymously in this way:

  1. Google Analytics (website statistics)
  2. Google Adsense (advertisement banners)
  3. Hotel advertisements (Booking, Agoda)
  4. YouTube (watching videos on this website)
  5. Twitter (clicking links to access)

Registration happens in terms of cookies. A small text file is placed on your computer and may remember you from the last time you were here, as well as recording your movements from post to post while on the website. That’s how it is in the world of internet. Pure personal information is neither feasible nor interesting, but the compilation of data is. I will learn for instance which articles are popular, which computer types the readers are operating, and where the readers come from. This strengthens the ability to create an even better service to the readers of Sandalsand.

Google’s advertising program Adsense shows you ads based on what Google knows about you from before. Adsense and hotel ads also generate a few coins in income to me provided you click on the ads. That is why I have them. YouTube and Twitter will count the number of clicks on videos and tweets.

A third variation where your information is left behind is this:

  1. Sharing an article on social media

There are links to Facebook, Twitter etc. below each article. It gives you the opportunity to share the article with others. Sandalsand learns how many times an article has been shared, but not by who, to whom or when.

Remember that you can ban the storage of cookies in your browser. Your continued use of Sandalsand’s websites implies that you accept the outlined privacy policy.

Read more about handling browser cookies here.