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Taking care of your photographed memory

Taking care of your photographed memory

Entering the new millennium I had a digital awakening. I bought my first DV-tape camcorder in 2001 and was even able to snap my first digital pictures with it. I bought my first digital camera the following year. But that was only part of my digital dream.


Going digital on new media

In the course of the following ten years I moved from an analog past in the capturing of still and moving pictures, to the fully digital world of HD video and SLR camera.

Here’s a video combining photos and video from that vacation. They were all shot with my first DV-tape camera.

I can conclude: The future looks bright. Of course there are the occasional clouds: There are constant questions coming up about moving content from my cameras to my computer. I often ask questions about the technical quality of my cameras used, and how to produce lossless reproductions of my media. And not least, there’s a strengthened concern about the quality of the photographer, the person behind the camera.




Converting old media to a digital platform

Let me draw your attention to one more aspect of my dream. My digital dream was not only about the future. I had thousands of analog pictures and days of video content stuck on obsolete technological platforms. They were practically shouting out loud for attention, eager to get digitised.


Further reading

I am discussing the tremendous task of creating a digital collection of media in a series of articles.

Unlike the rest of my blog entries, the illustrations in these articles are largely not my own. Most are free photos from Stock.XCHNG and the rest are from camera producers.


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