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The outline of a visit to the Himalayas

The outline of a visit to the Himalayas

Bhutan and Nepal are two countries in a magnificent mountain range and I have paid both a visit. This is a summary of the trip including the stopovers I made getting in and out.

The trip lasted for two weeks in the autumn of 2015. I will be presenting a series of articles in the weeks to come. Subscribe to Sandalsand and be notified when new entries are published.

Following an initiative by Netra Lal Bagale (my travel agent) I wrote an article about touring Bhutan and Nepal after the 2015 earthquake. It was first published on the travel blog belonging to his company, Himalaya Holiday Service, and is republished here on Sandalsand as well.


Getting in, via Bangkok (Thailand)

Bhutan does not have many international connections and the most convenient for me was Bangkok. A stopover – or layover – might be considered a hassle. I viewed it as an opportunity to revisit Thailand’s capital for the first time in 30 years. I had 24 hours at my disposal.

I will be publishing two stories from Bangkok. The first is a regular travelogue and the second is a special article in my series of World Heritage Sites.


24 hours in Bangkok. From bottom right: Flying in on a Dreamliner; Ayutthaya is a former capital of Thailand; Bang Pa-in Palace is a royal palace north of Bangkok; Fierce soldier in Bangkok’s Grand Palace; Wat Pho temple with its reclining Buddha; Backpacker street Khao San; Riding a Tuk-tuk through the streets of Bangkok


Bhutan – land of the Thunder Dragon

My visit to Bhutan lasted a week and was organised like most other itineraries to this somewhat hidden and closed country. After a transit stop in the Indian town of Guwahati we landed in Paro, Bhutan’s only international airport. From the airport I was driven to the country’s capital, Thimphu, by my travel agency. (Every visit to Bhutan has to be on an all-inclusive ticket with hotels, meals, guide and transportation). From there I went east a couple of places before returning to Paro to climb the Tiger’s Nest on my last day.

Bhutan has not yet any World Heritage Sites but I suppose the dzongs (fortresses) will be listed soon. I will be presenting my experiences in a series of articles.


Festival at the Tashichho Dzong in Thimpu


Nepal – soaring peaks, amazing temples and a humid jungle

My visit to Nepal also lasted a week. I spent it in the capital of Kathmandu and the cities surrounding it in the Kathmandu Valley. Here we find several structures making a combined World Heritage Site. In addition there is a lot more to see and discover here.

I also spent a couple of days in the Chitwan National Park. Hot and humid, but very fascinating. This stay is presented both in my Heritage series and as a regular travelogue.


Photo collage from the Chitwan National Park


Getting out, via Doha (Qatar)

Nepal has more international connections than Bhutan, and I had chosen to book a ticket with Qatar Airways leaving me with 15 hours in Doha before my final flights home to Norway. This proved a total disaster as my plane from Nepal was ridiculously delayed, it even had a refuelling stop in New Delhi and all my plans faltered.

I am however be presenting my plan in an article, hopefully it will be useful for others. The article includes the impressions I did get on my much shortened stay.


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