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Welcome to Sandalsand’s world map! Numerous trips to more than 60 countries worldwide are included in this map, on this page.


All inclusive

The map includes all published content on Sandalsand that is possible to pinpoint geographically. This means it includes travelogues, photo galleries, videos as well as World Heritage Sites.

Click on the markers to be informed about the content. Drag and zoom as you like. You may even expand the map into a new tab or window.

Legend: The green coloured tourist attraction symbols indicate travelogues and the blue World Heritage Sites use the UNESCO icon. Yellow camera icons are picture galleries and grey video cameras indicate which places are described with a YouTube video. You will have to zoom quite a lot to find out the details because several markers might have been put on roughly the same position.



Visited countries

This is Sandalsand’s list of 69 visited countries. Click to see all posts from that particular country. Read the discussion in this post on what countries to include in such a list, and find an alternative map here.


More trips, just for the record

I have skipped my (domestic) job travels and I have no intention of including every trip or destination in this map or in an article.

Here is a list of more trips which have been mapped. The trips in bold will be awarded separate entries.

  • 2007 Denmark
  • 2006 Denmark
  • 2005 Amsterdam, the Netherlands
  • 2005 England & Wales (will be published)
  • 2002 Germany & The Alps (will be published)
  • 2001 Paris, France
  • 2001 London, England
  • 2000 London, England
  • 1999 Denmark
  • 1998 Norway
  • 1998 Norway, Svalbard
  • 1998 Amsterdam, the Netherlands
  • 1996 Stockholm, Sweden
  • 1994 Ireland and Northern Ireland (will be published)
  • 1992 Copenhagen, Denmark
  • 1991 Norway
  • 1991 Denmark
  • 1990 Denmark
  • 1988 Nordic Capitals
  • 1984 Benidorm, Spain
  • 1983 Halkidiki, Greece
  • 1982 York & London, England
  • 1979 York & London, England
  • 1976 London, England


Crucial to finding the way is this: there is no beginning or end. You must make your own map (Joy Harjo)


My Norwegian passports

To travel abroad, you’ll need a passport. Here are some of the passports I have used over the years.


Depth of insight

The content of this website is not only about the number of destinations. It is also about how detailed the trips and experiences are described.

Some of the older trips are transcripts of my diary at the time of travelling. This makes them historically very correct, and sometimes quite detailed. Otherwise the entries are based on my photos, videos and accompanying comments at the time of writing.

A travel website may have many posts, from many places, but with little content. A travel website may also be the opposite; providing detailed background of the destination, its history, present situation and so on. This author’s intention is to describe what the traveller sees and does, but also give enough background about the site to provide a perspective, and ultimately make the reader want to go there himself or herself. In natural life, or simply in his or her armchair.

Read more in the About section and in this post.


It is not down in any map; true places never are. (Herman Melville)


All trips published

Inserted below are all trips described on Sandalsand, sorted with the most recent at the top. BEWARE: Norway entries are not included below, find them all here instead.

A specific trip may include several articles, sometimes more than 30, but only the first is included in this list – and no visited World Heritage Sites. Find all travelogues, i.e. all “pure” travel articles, Read the introduction to my World Heritage Sites.